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Emotional & Mental
Health Support

Butterfly Widows Group

"When I  Can't Take Another Step, I Will Stand Until I Can"

Conference Call Thursdays @ 7PM

Dial In! 978-990-5000; Access Code: 622172#


Harris Center For Mental
Health & IDD

Help Available 24 HR/day, 7 days/week

Mental Health & Wellness

Contact: 866-970-4770, 713-970-7000 (main)

Healing Wounds of Trauma 

Biblically-based Trauma Healing Circle

Group meets via Zoom

Contact: Aricca Fulbright at 714-499-8319

Think & Live Well Clinic

Dr. Rhonda Buford

Licensed Clinical Psychiatrist

440 Benmar Drive, Houston, TX

Contact: 713-878-4978 (office)

713-702-4993 (cell)

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